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We will reboot, rejuvenate,
and redirect underserved teens.

About Us


{Katie’s origin story...}

Scorpion Creek Ranch will address the problem of underserved youth between the ages of 14-18 who have been victims of trauma and are left without the resources to thrive in life or be productive contributors to their community. Through its clinical and hands-on programs and its healing environment, Scorpion Creek Ranch will seek to REBOOT, REJUVENATE, and REDIRECT the kids’ spirits/souls by instilling both tangible and emotional life skills. Examples are hands-on trades-based learning, caring for farm animals, equine therapy, growing food, cooking, playing games, learning emotionally healthy ways to communicate, conflict resolution, basic financial skills, art + music, etc.


At Scorpion Creek Ranch we will offer a warm, inviting, safe environment for those who have not had the benefit of being raised in a loving and supportive household. Ideally, childhood is a period of one’s life when they are taught/guided/led on how to become a self-sufficient, healthy adult, with basic life skills that include self-respect, self-reliance, problem-solving, communication, compassion, patience, curiosity, and a desire to cultivate and support community.


When children have not been taught these essential life skills, they enter their teenage years with a default mode of rebellion and emotionally charged reactions.  They feel inadequate, hopeless, uninspired, scared, and overwhelmed. This negative, fear-based mindset can lead them on a lifelong trajectory of instability, trouble with the law, drug addiction, violence, trouble holding down a job, unstable relationships... and then the pattern is passed down to their children, just as it was likely passed down from their parents. This cycle creates a generational failure to thrive, weakening the fabric of our community.


We can break this cycle by bringing these young people into the fold of SCR.  It will be our goal at SCR to connect with the kids in a way that makes them feel safe, seen, heard, and intrinsically valued.

Community Partners

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