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Helping Under-Served Teens

Scorpion Creek Ranch provides a range of clinical and hands-on programs in a healing environment to help under-served teens reboot, rejuvenate, and redirect their spirits.

Clinical Programs

Our team of experienced professionals provides clinical programs to help teens cope with various mental and emotional challenges. Our programs are tailored to meet the individual needs of each teen.

Hands-On Programs

In addition to our clinical programs, we also offer hands-on programs such as equine therapy, gardening, and outdoor activities. These programs help teens develop new skills and build confidence.

Community Outreach

We believe in giving back to our community. Our community outreach programs provide opportunities for teens to get involved in volunteer work and make a positive impact in their community.


Our mentorship programs match teens with caring and supportive mentors who can provide guidance and encouragement as they navigate through life's challenges.


Education is a key component of our programs. We offer tutoring services and educational workshops to help teens succeed academically and prepare for their future.


We understand the importance of recreation and leisure activities in a teen's life. Our recreational programs provide opportunities for teens to have fun, make new friends, and develop new interests.

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