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Katie Brown is a serial entrepreneur who has opened and run five restaurants, launched an ethically produced, high-end women's clothing line manufactured in Los Angeles, a cocktail mixer company, and more. She has sat on multiple boards that focus on entrepreneurial ecosystems and mentored at the University of Oregon Business School for many years. She is driven to help our most vulnerable community members, in this case, homeless youth.



Cameron Tessler has worked in a variety of roles in social services. He has volunteered for over 15 years at Courageous Kids, a grief support program for youth in our community at both the summer camp and school support groups. More recently he worked at the Lane County District Attorney’s Office as a Victim Advocate assisting victims of crimes through the criminal justice process. Cameron currently works as both a crisis worker and an EMT at CAHOOTS, a local crisis response service, and was involved in developing department policies and structures of accountability within a consensus model. He graduated from Simon Fraser University with a joint Sociology and Criminology degree and is currently credentialed as a QMHA and EMT.  In his spare time, he enjoys woodworking and spending time with his family. 


After graduating from Birmingham-Southern College with a degree in Art History in her home state of Alabama, Dana worked in a range of nonprofits in art, domestic violence, youth empowerment, and education in Alabama, Nevada, Arkansas, and Oregon.  In Reno, NV, Dana directed YouthArtworks, an arts employment program for youth.  She has also taught art to youth in many different settings, including Ophelia’s Place in Eugene, as well as the children’s department of the county library and a K-8 parochial school in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Since moving to Eugene, Dana has served as Executive Director of Eugene Education Foundation, as a Board Member of Lane County Cultural Coalition, and on Stand for Children’s Strategy Team.  Dana is currently Executive Director of Eugene Public Library Foundation.  

Dana and her husband, Johnny, have four adult children.  When she is not at work or volunteering, you can find her hiking, reading, making art, or prowling through thrift stores.


Jameson T. Auten is the CEO and General Manager of Lane Transit District. serving the Eugene-Springfield, Oregon Metropolitan Area. leading LTD's 330 employees. Jameson joined LTD in November 2022 after serving as the Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer with the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority. He began his transportation career in 2001 with the GRTC Transit System in Richmond. Virginia. Jameson is very active in the public transportation industry, including the American Association of Public Transportation and the National Academies of Sciences. He is a 2014 graduate of Leadership APTA and is the Chair of APTA's Mobility Management Committee. Jameson earned an MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University and a bachelor's degree from California University of Pennsylvania (PennWest).



Lucy has 25 years of experience as a public works economist conducting financial analysis with an emphasis on water, wastewater, and stormwater financial planning and rate setting. She also serves as a business consultant in the private sector working with startups and established businesses to improve operations and maximize growth through financial management and systems, design, and implementation. In addition to her professional career, Lucy has spent 30 years working with at-risk youth. As a former foster child, she has a strong understanding of the unusual and seemingly insurmountable challenges facing this group.


Jeremy Green holds a Ph.D. and MA in Counseling from Indiana State University and a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from the University of Illinois with a focus on the juvenile justice system. He is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and is a former National Science Foundation Scholar in Engineering. As an entrepreneur, Jeremy founded one company, co-founded a second, and created the first intrapreneurship accelerator in the US for one of the original Silicon Valley tech companies.


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Vonnie is the President and CEO of the Springfield Chamber of Commerce. She is energized by the collective knowledge, resources, and expertise she encounters every day in her work with Chamber members. A seasoned professional with a diverse set of tried and tested competencies, she understands first-hand the value of an all-hands-on-deck approach when it comes to helping businesses grow and succeed. An Oregonian with local roots, Vonnie earned a BA in Intl. Relations/PoliSci from Willamette University and spent 16 years living and abroad. In addition, having served as E.D. for a Chamber in the Tampa Bay (FL) region, Vonnie has worked on World's Fair promotions, cable TV programming and acquisitions, and in association management. 


Simon is a community leader and social justice advocate who has worked in the US, UK, France, and South Africa. Living in New York from 1992-2004, Simon co-founded Art Start, an arts-education organization serving disadvantaged youth.  Art Start was honored with a President’s Service Award in 1997. During that time, Simon also worked as a photographer and advocate in the disabled community, focusing on the de-institutionalization of people with developmental disabilities. Simon’s photography has been exhibited at the US Capital and collected by the French National Library. Returning to England in 2005, Simon project managed the launch of the National Disability Arts Collection & Archive (the first of its kind anywhere in the world) and joined The Prince’s Trust, a leading national charity founded by HRH Prince Charles. In 2010 Simon became Chief Executive of Khulisa UK, bringing models of Restorative Justice and violence prevention programs from South Africa to English prisons and schools. Moving to Portland in 2016, Simon spent a year as a senior Program and Policy Analyst for the Oregon Youth Authority before returning to his nonprofit roots as Executive Director of Parrott Creek Child & Family Services. Parrott Creek uses models of restorative justice, mindfulness, and trauma-informed care in residential and intensive treatment programs. Simon also holds board positions with the Oregon Alliance, the Restorative Justice Coalition of Oregon, and the Safe Kids Coalition for Clackamas County.


Rick has a B.S. in Recreation and Parks and more than 25 years of experience developing, growing, and delivering outdoor education programs. Rick started his career at George Mason University, where he facilitated team development and backcountry adventures for at-risk youth.  Rick has since worked in a variety of roles and settings, teaching at Stone Mountain School, leading wilderness therapy programs in the mountains of North Carolina, and coordinating youth alternative and volunteer programs with Baltimore City Recreation and Parks. Rick came to NorthBay in 2007 as an educator, has served as Dean of Students, and now as Director of Education.  When not at NorthBay, you will likely find Rick Sailing the Chesapeake with his wife Salena, and two children, Gideon and Juniper. 

Ernie is an American college basketball coach. He is the former head men's basketball coach at Washington State University. Before Washington State, he served as the head men's basketball coach at the University of Oregon and Saint Mary's (CA). Kent was Previously an assistant at Stanford University and also coached abroad in Saudi Arabia. Ernie was a college basketball commentator with the Pac-12 Network. As the men’s basketball coach from 1997- 2010 and the first Black head coach ever at Oregon, he went 235-174 and was the school’s all-time wins leader when his time at Oregon ended.


Mickey has been a public servant as a parks, recreation, and conservation professional for over 50 years, working with local, state, and national governments. Mickey is currently a Professor of Practice at North Carolina State University School of Natural Resources, teaching a class on diversity and equity in the field of parks and recreation. Previously, Mickey served as the National Parks Services Deputy Director (2008-2013) during the Obama Administration. He was a longtime employee of the city of Seattle where he held a variety of positions including Director of Innovation, Executive Director of the Neighborhood Leadership Program, Manager of Seattle's Race and Social Justice Initiative, and Director of Communication and Citizen Engagement.

José is the Principal of Springfield High School which is one of the best-kept secrets in Oregon education. His diverse student population benefits from comprehensive programs that offer an array of academic and extra-curricular opportunities. Some examples of these are Academic Strategies, Honors, Advanced Placement and College Now courses, Fine and Performing Arts, Career and Technical Education, athletics and after-school enrichment activities. 

The school has created the Portrait of the Springfield High School Graduate to clearly define their hopes and for each student. At Springfield High, they are integrating efforts that all students may become adaptable and productive members of our community, college and career ready scholars, critical thinkers and innovative problem solvers, effective communicators and collaborators, and ethical decision makers. The staff and administration are committed to ensuring that students develop the tools to succeed and learn the skills necessary to be positive contributors to the community. 


Gina founded Math is Magic! almost 20 years ago when she relocated from Los Angeles to Eugene, leaving behind her career in the film industry to live in a more vibrant and healthier environment. For many years she tutored college students at The Learning Center in Eugene, OR and met her private students at the public library, coffee shops, and her mother’s home; but as the roster grew so did her need for space. In 2010 Gina purchased a schoolhouse on Jefferson Street, which is now on the Eugene City Historic Landmark list and started adding members to the tutoring team. Today they have an incredible team of gifted and positive mentors who teach at Math is Magic! As a theater major at Pepperdine University, she never imagined that one day she'd be teaching and directing a private school for math, but her passion for youth enrichment and an inherited natural love of math inspired her to dedicate herself to these pursuits. In addition to teaching at MiM!, she has also taught classes for the University of Oregon, including the UOteach Program and the Office of Equity of Inclusion SAT and ACT Preparation. In 2005, Gina was invited by the Department of Education at UO Summer Scholars Program to develop and teach a curriculum geared toward accelerated middle school students, and from this she created A.M.E. (Advanced Math Exploration), which she now teaches in weekly classes and Summer Camps at MiM! 

Pat has been a Circuit Court Judge in Josephine County since 2004. In 2009 he started the Josephine County Mental Health Court and continues to preside over it. In 2012, Pat worked with others for the passage of Oregon's Assisted Outpatient Treatment Law. He currently serves on the Chief Justices Behavioral Health Advisory Committee, and chairs the Subcommittee on Civil Commitment and Assisted Outpatient Treatment.


Abigail is a certified trauma-informed Sobriety Coach, Herbalist, and Yoga Teacher. She helps individuals and groups who are new to sobriety create new lives away from addiction and move toward compassion, empowerment, and joy. She uses modalities such as somatics, meditations, nonviolent communications, and neurolinguistic programming. 

Adam is the CEO of Trifoia and has worked on over 70 educational technology and media projects funded through the National Institutes of Health, the United States Department of Education, and collaborative agreements with colleges, universities, and research institutes around the country. Adam volunteers his time to support local and national innovation ecosystems. He works for social and racial justice as a volunteer, and past secretary of the Eugene Springfield NAACP. 

Melissa is a marketing, branding, and event expert. She is the founder of two companies and spends much of her time coaching and mentoring other entrepreneurs. She spent over six years at Stanford University in one of the top PR positions in the community working with scholars, theologians, heads of state, political activists, and Silicon Valley founders. She has been an active humanitarian for the past 30 years having volunteered in both the US and abroad. She has a passion for youth, having served and supported children's homes, school programs, and youth missions. She has over 20 years of nonprofit fundraising experience. 

John is a Principal Architect at PIVOT Architecture. He has been a contractor with architectural and engineering training. He knows how to build his dreams and harmonize big ideas with focused details. He has deep interest in sustainability and community service. 

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Jeff is the owner and CEO of Pasquarelli Construction. He has been in the construction industry since the age of 14. He specializes in restaurants, bars, breweries, and high-end custom homes. His career was kickstarted by shop classes which then turned into starting his own business at 26. Through his work he finds innovative ways of recycling materials to create innovative and sustainable design with high end quality. Jeff has always looked for the right opportunity to show the younger generation 
that construction as a whole can facilitate many different career opportunities.


Suzanne is a Senior Vice President and the Chief Compliance Officer at Carrick Capital Partners, where she is responsible for capital efficiency and optimization in evaluating investments and supporting portfolio companies. Suzanne has been designing and executing strategy alongside founders and visionaries for 20 years. As an attorney, she brings a principal, legal, corporate finance, and operations perspective to every project. Suzanne has been particularly interested in programs working with youth who are underserved in resources that support their emotional wellbeing. She believes in inspiring kids through the nobility of wilderness, nurturing the life around them, and growing from the inside out. Suzanne has served and supported Slide Ranch, Next Steps Liaison Project, Evoke wilderness programs, and residential therapeutic boarding schools. 

Trevor Walraven is a formerly incarcerated youth offender who served nearly 18 years in 9 different correctional facilities starting at age 14 back in 1998. Trevor successfully proved outstanding rehabilitation and reformation under Oregon’s Second Look statute and was released in his early 30’s. Since his release, Trevor regularly speaks at many of Oregon’s institutions including universities, correctional facilities, and advocacy organizations about growing up in Oregon’s criminal justice system, transitioning out of custody and the importance of giving back. Trevor provides experiential expertise as a professional consultant, oversees a team of individuals who provide support services for criminal defense attorneys across the state and advocates for both youth and adult incarceration issues within Oregon.

Nathan Greene was born and raised along the central Oregon coast. He cultivated a love for the outdoors during many years as a Native Habitat Restoration Technician. He has a degree in watershed science and passion for salmon stream and other riparian restoration throughout Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Nathan has been a volunteer coordinator at Growers Market in Eugene, for 22 years. He served as a board member for 9 years and is currently still actively involved in coordination of the market. He is also on the maintenance team and involved in many of the maintenance and construction projects in and around the Growers Market Building. Nathan is an active board member and longtime crew supervisor for Harmony Event Medicine, a Eugene based nonprofit that provides medical and crisis support at musical events and festivals around Oregon. This group specializes in helping patrons enjoy a safe and fun music festival experience that will help them open their eyes to a myriad of ways to be happy healthy humans. 

Nathan has always felt a calling to help others and his calm, patient demeanor has helped him to become a leader in his community that others look to in times of distress. He is a problem solver and a healing hand who has proven to be a compassionate, empathetic, and loving individual that can handle most situations with dignity and respect for all involved. 

He believes that it is incredibly important for youth to have mentors, family, support, respect, love, and above all, the skills to go out into the world and make a place for themselves that makes them happy and supports their interests. Nathan has made it his life mission to help and support people who don’t already have the support system they need to become successful and happy people. 


Amie Alouette Annsa loves serving people, spreading joy, and making the world a better place. She has been a proud member of the transgender/queer community for over a decade and her pronouns are she/her. Amie is driven in her work by her wonderful wife and four amazing children. She holds a BS in Geography with a Geographical Information Systems minor from Portland State University. Amie takes a lot of pride in and has a lot of passion for everything she does and is deeply committed to improving our community. One of her highlights is being appointed to serve on the LGBTQIA2S+ Subcommittee of the Governor’s Commission on Senior Services in Oregon. Amie is excited to be able to bring her passion for people and drive for positive change to Scorpion Creek Ranch and help to improve the lives of unhoused youth and other marginalized people in our area.

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