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What we want for young people:


  • Independence

  • Kinship

  • Mastery of a skill

  • Individuation: Feeling unique and special

  • Power: The ability to affect something as a direct result of their actions

  • Find, refine, and share their gifts

  • Find their cultural tribes

  • Lifelong learning, creativity, discovery, awe, and curiosity

  • Stewardship

  • Big citizenship

  • Live effectively and powerfully in complex diverse communities

Car Mechanic

Young people can achieve the above and therefore contribute to our society, or remain anchored in an insecure, inadequate, insufficient mindset, which comes at a great cost to our society.

Areas of Focus

FOOD: Food... growing, preparing, consuming, and sharing high-quality food that is prepared with care, is one of the most meaningful experiences we can share with one another. Learning about nutrition and the importance of what we put into our bodies will be a key component of life on the ranch.  Not only will students learn more about this mindset and approach to food, but they will also cultivate skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

AUTO MECHANICS: Children will be taught how to assess and maintain basic aspects of a vehicle. They will be provided with the opportunity to explore their interests in this field while learning about small engine repairs and more.

BUILDING TRADES: Children will learn how to plan projects, organize material lists, and build structures. They will be involved in general maintenance projects as needed on the ranch giving them real life experience in building, repairs, and basic maintenance.

PHYSICAL MOVEMENT: Exercise has many benefits.  Offering the youth at SCR various forms of exercise like basketball, yoga, hiking and biking will help these kids in a multitude of ways: reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, improve quality of sleep, improve memory and brain function, instill a sense of calm and cultivate connection with self and others.

CARE FOR ANIMALS: Being around and caring for animals has many powerful benefits, offering a source of comfort and support. Interacting with animals has been shown to decrease levels of cortisol, lower blood pressure, reduce loneliness, and instill a meaningful sense of responsibility. At SCR we will have horses, cows, pigs, dogs, chickens, and bees.  We will not only teach these kids how to care for and connect with animals, but they will also get to experience the joy of collecting eggs from the chickens and enjoying honey from the honeybees.  This experience helps kids learn the connection between food and where it comes from.

An orange batam hen being held._edited.j

ORGANIC GARDENING: Gardening and learning how to grow your own food provides many benefits: connection with nature, a sense of calm, enjoying fruits and vegetables at peak freshness, elimination of pesticides, a sense of accomplishment, and cultivation of an overall appreciation for where our food comes from. At SCR we will have a large organic garden that rotates between spring and fall produce, engaging these kids in one of the most fundamentally important aspects of life: caring for Mother Earth while producing healthy, tasty food.

Vegetable Garden
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